Once upon a time a in a tiny hamlet lived a very caring brother named Shiv. He was not only the big brother to his little sister Kavana but also the savior for her for all the mischiefs she did.
Once during the Ganapati festival the whole village gathered in the Ganesha temple for the maha mangalarthi, the main event of the festival. Hailing from the head of the village’s family Shiv and Kavana were asked to stand close to the idol of worship.
The delicious modaka kept in front of the god caught the attention of hungry Kavana. While the maha mangalarthi was going on,  all the eyes in the vicinity were closed in devotion but Kavana’s eyes were all on the eatables.

Moments later when the chief priest tried to distribute the modaka he saw half of them were empty. Shiv suspected Kavana to be the culprit, for all he had seen her watering her mouth in the desire. For the savior he was he quickly flicked a modaka and placed it near the idol and shouted, ‘look there is a piece of modaka near the idol’. He did not wait to over exaggerate that the God himself pleased by the villagers devotion accepted the offerings.

The story of the God Ganesha himself accepting the offering in the village went viral. There was long queue in front of the temple with everyone bringing their offerings to the god. Neither the Chief priest nor the head of village want to challenge this, after all this was bringing more people and money to the temple.

Shiv felt that this is not right, but he thought saving his little sister and his family from the embarrassment was important. 

Few days later he tried to confront his little sister Kavana about the incident. With the innocence gleaming in her eyes she said she did not eat it, but when everyone were closing their eyes there was a rat that came and ate a few of them. She even said that the rat said, ‘it is mine’


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