Sleep paralysis

I have been a patient of Sleep paralysis. It is a medical condition where I wake up in sleep but am paralyzed to move. Let alone move, I cannot even talk. When I wake up, I see a small boy standing and smiling at me. It is the same boy every night. He is drenched in water. It freaks me out when I see him. I have tried several times to talk to him  but in vain. My doctor says it is common in patients suffering from sleep paralysis that you hallucinate seeing kids smiling at you sometimes sitting on your chest.
Only difference in my case is that the kid of my dream is someone I know. It is me. ‘Me’ of my childhood.
I did not believe in life after death. But once, I met this fortune teller. He said he can tell us about our previous life.  He said in my previous incarnation I was drowned to death and I was a fearless kid who smiled even in death


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