Men in uniform

It took her five years to come out of the shock; her husband meant everything to her. Whenever she saw him in uniform she felt proud. Same was the feeling when she saw him in the coffin. 15 years have gone by and it is her son’s turn. After all patriotism is in his blood.


To kill or to let live


“We have no rights to kill anyone. Even the terrorist who is convicted of the most heinous act deserves to live, we should not kill any one, ban capital punishment. The society should not be murderers.”
The speech from human rights activist Girish was followed by a roaring applause. Madhuri was his stanch supporter. They had been fighting for a cause for years now.

Hafiz Saeed , was convicted guilty of several deadly attacks on the army. His supporters though hailed him of messiah of their freedom struggle.

As a token of remembrance Girish had framed the supreme courts ruling on ban death sentence and given to it to all his supporters. Madhuri displayed the memorabilia with a sense of achievement. Hafiz was the first beneficiary of the struggle Girish and his supporters started 2 years ago. Hafiz’s death penalty was culminated to life sentence.

It was the first school outing for Alia, she was every excited. She was very anxious to return home and tell her mother how good the outing was. Madhuri eagerly waited for Alia to come home.
It was already late, Alia was never alone for such long time.

The kids in the bus were crying loud. The masked gunman had no sympathy for their cry. Their motive was clear, ‘release Hafiz’

The Home minister was under immense pressure. He was against releasing Hafiz in exchange of the kids.There was a outcry about the whole school bus hijack. The gunmen were running out of time, they decided to send a strong message to the government to act quickly. The message was in the form of an innocent’s death.
The whole hijack drama ended with Hafiz being released. News channels aired scenes of parents hailing the government of quick action. News channels also aired clippings, of Hafiz reunion with his daughter, that was released by his organization.

Madhuri collapsed when the corpse of Alia arrived wrapped in white cloth.The reflection of the body in the memorabilia, sparked debate in everyone’s mind ‘To kill or to let live’